Bitterness Poem

Bitterness Poem

A sour taste fills my mouth

Dancing around on my tastebuds

Clouding my thoughts with resentment

My brain – a haze of hatred and fury

Feel the distaste, the waste of space, my anger misplaced

This person I’ve chased, this person I’ve never faced

Face my hatred

Face my fear

Face this person

This person whom I’ve hated for years

This person – this devil

Who I’ve dreamed of killing

This monster, this ghost, this horrid villain

Go away now

Fall off a jagged cliff

God almighty knows that you won’t be missed

God hates you, the sun hates you

The moon and the stars and the sky all hate you

Go now, and forever hold your peace.

Go gracefully now, and we won’t pull out your teeth!

Oh! The things you’ve done

Oh! The things you’ve said

No wonder I can’t think of one person who doesn’t wish you dead

Dead Man

Dead Man (Imitation of the Weary Blues)

Drowning in the deep blue of the ocean,

Feeling the waves in all their motion

I saw a man die

Down by the shore but still in deep waters

He passed quietly…

He passed quietly…

As the waves enveloped his body

As his face seized up and his lungs gave out

As the water entered all openings of his body and soul

Oh Lord!

Floating back and forth on his back

The his corpse being tossed and flipped on the floor of the sea

Oh Lord!

His eyes, hollow and still, then looked at me

Oh Lord!

On a cold night with that early spring chill

I saw that man die, saw him pray the ocean wouldn’t kill

“Ain’t got nothin’ anymore,

Too late to not die no more,

Just gonna not lie no more,

Just don’t wanna cry no more,”

Splash Swish, Bam, went the waves on his head

One more crash and then he was dead.

A Few of my Favorite Things!

When asked to write about something that is my favorite, a few things immediately pop into my head. Favorite color, favorite song, favorite TV show. The answers to those questions would be Pink, Talking to the Moon, and Gossip Girl. Or Empire.

It is difficult to decide on one thing that an individual holds the most respect for, that one thing that someone loves the most. There are so many things to love in life, so many things to appreciate and to revere. I love my family, my friends, my pets. For some reason, though, when asked to list off my favorite things, I always think straight to superficial things, items that are easy to list off, items that are just scratching the surface of things that I enjoy and like. For instance, when asked to list off my favorite music artist, I would say Bruno Mars. This is not difficult to say, this is not saying that my favorite thing is hugging my mom after we get in a fight, or having an in depth conversation with my sister and how it can brings us closer when we talk to each other.

For now, I am going to talk about all of the easy favorites in my life, things that are simple to discuss!

My favorite artist is definitely Bruno Mars. Ever since I saw him in concert when I was in 4th grade, I was transfixed. It is not just his songs that cause me to respect him so, but his personality. He has this incredible energy that he exudes when he is onstage, he has the ability to make anyone focus on his performance – he can really command an audience. I respect this about him, he is naturally comfortable while singing, dancing, playing any instrument – he is the epitome of a good performer. He has been doing it all his life. As a toddler, he was doing Elvis impersonations and dressing up in crazy  outfits, performing for hundreds of people. Although I have never really met him, I have seen him, seen how he interacts with people, with his audience, and he seems like a really nice person. This is all not to say that I don’t like any other music artists – there are so many others; Alicia Keys, 50 Cent, Stevie Wonder, the list goes on and on. For some reason, however, Bruno Mars always wins the title of my absolute favorite. This is a picture that I took of him at the most recent concert that I’ve seen of him.

Bruno Mars

My favorite color is pink. I love pink, I always have. It is beautiful and light, and I believe that it really does illustrate who I am. One really interesting thing is that although I love the color pink, I don’t really wear it all that much. I feel that we all have a set of colors that we really love, but for different purposes. For example, my favorite colors to wear are probably brown, gray, and other neutral colors. My favorite colors to look at are probably blue, (the sky) pink, orange, and purple. (in a sunset.) My favorite colors to eat are usually red, (although this only goes for candy) Different colors are good for different things. I selected pink to win the “title” of my favorite color, because it is girly, cute, and sweet. It is not really a deep, rich, and promising color like crimson or navy. It is lighthearted, bubbly, it is young. However, I do not necessarily think that this is a bad thing. I love pink because it encapsulates being a happy and energetic person. I would consider myself a pretty bubbly person, and for that reason, pink is one word that can sort of define who I am in an abstract way.

th 1.54.40 PM


As I stated earlier, my favorite song is talking to the moon. This song, of course, it by Bruno Mars. When I first heart this song, I actually did not really like it all that much. It was not until I was riding in a bus in Costa Rica when I realized how much I loved it. Last year in seventh grade, I was able to partake in going on the first delegation to Costa Rica with my school, where we would stay with host families and visit our sister school there. Every time that we would go on the bus to get anywhere in Costa Rica, I would always listen to the song talking to the moon. Because of this, I have a strong emotional connection to the song. When I got home from an incredible experience in another country, I played the song, and to my surprise, I began to cry. I had never been so emotionally attached to a song before, and it really struck me. The song is so sad, it brings back so many memories and always causes me to reflect.

Earth Hour!

Earth Hour is a worldwide event that is occurring this Saturday! It is happening from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm. (local time all around the world.) The movement is organized by the world wildlife foundation. (WWF) The event tries to encourage as many people as possible – families, businesses, communities, and more to turn off their lights for one hour. It always takes place on the last Saturday in March. One other thing that is really cool about earth day – they are taking satellite images of the earth at this time, so people will be able to witness all the different parts of the world going dark!

The first official international Earth Hour took place in 2008. Just one year prior to this, Sydney Australia had an earth hour, but they were the only city involved. It was held at 7:30 pm. After being inspired by this event, San Francisco held a “Light’s Out” hour in October 2007. People began planning for Earth Hour in 2008 after the success of the event. On the first international Earth Hour, there were 35 participating countries, and 400 cities supporting. Just last year, there were 127 countries and about 7,000 cities participating!

However, earth hour has received some criticism:

“Some critics point out that the reduction in power consumption in most cases is indistinguishable from zero.”

In my personal opinion, there is not much change that can be made from the event itself, meaning that from turning the lights off, pollution is not going to stop, but one thing that I think is really valuable about earth hour is that all of the hype about it spreads awareness to people about taking care of the earth. Being reminded of this event can make you think and question what you are doing to the world and how you can help. It makes you think about small things that you could do every week – or every day – in order to “change climate change,” as they said. There is definitely something to be said about being aware – the more people know about global issues, the more inclined they will be to help out as best they can.

To read more, visit:

Here are some pictures from iconic buildings that turned off their lights for earth day last year: (National Geographic):

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Sinclairs, Sinclairs!!! Video Discussion

Bella Bromberg

We Were Liars – Lit Circle Discussion Video Reflection

Today, Harper and I had a book club discussion on our Literature Circle book, We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. We videotaped this discussion and turned it into a video in iMovie so that we could watch our discussion and critique our speaking habits/points that we brought up.

We had a really interesting discussion. We talked a lot about how the “perfection” of the Sinclair family really seems to just be a cover up disguising the real underlying issues that they are really dealing with. We talked about how without the “outsiders,” or the people who look up to the Sinclairs and see them as so wonderful, they would be nothing. Being a Sinclair is sort of similar to being a movie star – without their fans, they are nothing. It was also really interesting to us how Cadence doesn’t really value all of the materialistic things that she has. She sees all of these egregiously expensive things as just useless, whereas her mother gets some excitement and happiness out of buying expensive things. Money makes people feel powerful, and Cadence talked about how money sort of boosts her mother’s confidence and gives her a sense of false power. We also discussed the different relationships that the characters have with each other, especially how Cadence connects with the other characters in the book. We discussed her relationship with her father – or lack thereof, and her broken relationship with her mother. We thought that the notion of family was really powerful and interesting in this book – mostly because their family so disconnected. Everyone in the family is so isolated, and none of them lean on each other when they need support. We thought that if the Sinclairs would open up and talk to each other about their problems, they might end up being a much more caring and loving family.

I think that one thing that we did well in this discussion was using the book to bring up certain points that we had. We had already prepared a bunch of things that we wanted to talk about, so it was pretty easy to figure out what to discuss. We were able to use specific quotes from the book because we had written down page numbers/written down the quote in our notes, so that was really helpful. Next week, I hope that we will be able to have even more points to bring up, because towards the end of the discussion, there were two minutes left and we didn’t have anything more to talk about. We had to get a few ideas from Ms. Wood on what to further discuss. Once we had an idea, though, we were able to make some predictions about what we thought would happen later on in the book.

It was a really interesting experience to videotape our discussion and then watch it back as we talked. As we watched our discussion, we made notes on things that we did well and things we could’ve done better. We also added in titles depicting what specific page number we were discussing and why. We also added in some short little sentences that showed what topic we were talking about.


Blogging Challenge: Activity 3 – Poem About a Picture

Soviet soldier - Sevastopol ww2

Za Rodinu via Compfight

Haiku Poem:

He stood there, staring

Looking out into the night

Searching for something

For anything, anything

Anything at all

Was he safe? Where were they? Where?

Where had they gone now

The snow flew up from the ground

Snowflakes flying aimlessly

Touched his stoic stare

In the snow, he still stands still

Motionless and so silent

Completely and utterly


Flashback to 7th grade Final Story!

Student Blogging Challenge

Activity 2 (See my last post for my other story for Activity 2)

Last year in seventh grade, we wrote a story for our final. I thought that it would be fun to share the story that I wrote with you! Enjoy!

Floating Alone

Emily stared at her reflection in the shining, shimmering sea. The girl staring back at her seemed different for some reason. Her emotions were written all over her face. Sadness. Anger. Loneliness. As she looked up into the horizon, her emerald-green eyes began to well up with tears. The setting sun looked like a perfect yellow egg yolk, slowly sliding down the sky and into the sparkling blue waters. Her fiery red hair was blowing in the salty wind and stuck to her face, now wet with tears. Emily’s heart was racing as fast as the horse that she had been riding earlier that day. With sweaty hands and crying eyes, she tried to calm herself down with deep breaths.

“It’s going to be okay. It’s all going to be okay,” she said in a shaky voice. But it wasn’t all going to be okay. She was stranded in the ocean and her family was missing.

“Sabrina!” Emily cried out in a hoarse voice, her eyes scanning the raging ocean waters, searching for a glimpse of her younger sister, wondering where her precious friend had gone. Sabrina was not coming back. Emily had lost her, too.

Without her parents, without her home, without a single person to talk to, Emily was alone. She had been sailing in her little boat, The Festival, for about three days now.

“What a fitting name,” Emily stated sarcastically. A festival suggested happiness, friends, food, and laughter. None of which were things that she had experienced in the past few days she had spent on the boat. Three days of complete solitude and boredom were all Emily got. She had passed the time by reading the drab instruction manual for the boat. Exhausted, she groaned and turned onto her side. Emily looked up at the sky and felt a tingly sense of happiness for a split second. The clouds in the sky quickly zoomed by, shifting into different fluffy white shapes as they went along. She saw a dragon floating, flying, perfectly content in the blue, endless sky. Staring at the cloud creature, Emily smiled for the first time in days.

Suddenly, Emily heard a strange sound. Though it was seemingly ordinary, the sound sent chills down her spine. Frantically, she spun around, looking for signs of who or what could have caused it. Was there an intruder on her boat? She leaned over the side of the boat, her long red locks tumbling to her side. As she squinted her eyes at the overwhelmingly blue water, she was able to make out what looked like a head floating in the water. Emily tilted her head, trying to get a better look. It seemed to be the head of a young girl, with golden blonde hair and porcelain skin. As the girl floated closer to the surface, her doll-like features were visible. Emily’s eyes widened as she came to a sudden realization. The face belonged to Sabrina, her sister. Emily cried out in horror.

        “No!” She screamed, wailing in despair, “No! No! No! No!” Tears spilled down Emily’s face as she violently kicked at various items on the boat. A million questions raced through her mind. Why was she in the water? How did she get here? How did she die? It couldn’t be true. Emily had known there had been a chance that her family may not have made it, but she still had hope – until now. She had spent nearly her whole life with Sabrina. And now she was gone. Forever. The sobbing red-headed girl fell back onto the hard floor of the boat in defeat, collapsing into an awful heap of misery. Emily once again became a helpless child, crying as much as a newborn baby would, sucking on her thumb for comfort. She finally fell asleep there on the boat, transporting herself from her world of pain into happier, blissful and carefree times. Emily dreamed of days when she and Sabrina were young, and they would play together for hours. They would run through the forest together, Emily laughing and singing to the beat of Sabrina’s quick footsteps. Memories flashed before her eyes. She thought of the time when Sabrina, as fragile and as innocent as a flower, had fallen asleep on her back while they had been trekking through a lush, green meadow. Emily smiled in her sleep when she remembered the time when she made a crown out of daisies and placed it upon Sabrina’s head, causing Sabrina open her mouth into a big toothy grin. Memories of jumping, dancing, laughing, running. Memories of happiness. As she propped herself up onto her side, sniffing back tears, Emily had little hope in her heart that she would ever be happy again.

Biscuit – Survivor of a Deer Attack!

Student Blog Challenge: Activity 2

About a year or two ago, when I was in 6th grade, my dog, Biscuit, was attacked by a deer when he was walking outside. The deer jabbed its hooves into Biscuit’s stomach, and he was pretty badly injured. A little while after this happened, I wrote a story about my experience. I actually ended up fainting that day in the pet hospital. Biscuit ended up being fine, he recovered after a while, but it was a pretty scary experience, because he has a close place in my heart! Here is the story that I wrote from 6th grade:


I had been organizing my closet when it happened.

“Someone! Come quick!” Mommy called. Now usually I would have ignored what she said, or maybe said “One minute!” and then come to help her a while later. But this time I felt that I should help out my mom – she really sounded like she needed it. As I hopped off the ground and started running down the stairs she said

“It’s biscuit! He’s hurt!”

Now I was definetaly glad that I had decided to hop off the ground. What I saw was Biscuit, in her arms. And then there was the blood. He was bleeding. It scared me, I have never been comfortable around blood, but I love Biscuit, so I held him and made sure he had water and everything he needed to stay okay. The thing I remember the most was the smell – the smell of flesh and blood and pus and all things disgusting about injuries. Then we got into the car. The car ride was long, and slow for my taste. I kept telling mom

“Speed up! Speed up!” She finally did. We got to the “Petmergency” place and checked in Biscuit. We had to fill out a form. I filled a lot of it so I wouldn’t have to hold Biscuit – the smell just killed me. Pet’s name? Biscuit. Age of pet? Five. Adress? 55 Marin Bay Park ct. Phone number? 8475370. I filled it out in a hurry, I felt that the faster I wrote the faster Biscuit would get in to the doctor’s office and the faster he would get cleaned up and better. But I was so wrong. Not only did it not matter how fast I filled out the form, I could have just taken my own sweet time to fill that form out. The ladies at the desk – there were two of them- were so immune to the smell, the blood, and the injured animal in my arms, they didn’t seem to care. We waited for so long.

“Well now I just have to input biscuit’s info into the system.” She said cheerily as she slowly punched letters into her computer.

“Ugh stupid lady! Hurry up so my beloved dog can be okay again!” I thought angrily. Many times she would stop punching in numbers and letters so she could talk to the other lady about the coffee machine not working. My god.

“Yeah, I think I’ll get some more coffee to load into the machine on my lunch break, you know, I can get some from the upstairs cabinent, yeah I think that would be perfect. Actually, yesterday the coffee machine didn’t work either.”

“Oh yeah I noticed that! I was trying to get my coffee – you know how I do every morning – and would you believe that it wasn’t working! Oh I was so upset…”

On and on they babbled about useless things such as coffee or their pictures on the ID cards. Finally, after what seemed like forever, they asked Biscuit to come into the room to get looked at. Mommy and I stepped inside the white, clean room and we sat down on a seat that resembled the cushiony booth seat in a diner. I was sitting on the left side.

“All right so the doctor will be here soon!” The cheery lady said. Mommy got up to go get us some tea. When she came back I drank some of the tea. It left a sweet chamomile taste in my mouth, but a sour aftertaste. A doctor came in, she was a woman.

“Let’s weigh this little guy.” She said as she put Biscuit on the scale. I think it came out as being 8 pounds or so. She checked him out to see what the damage was. Then she decided to take him into their testing room so they could clean up his cuts.

“And he might loose a little hair!” she said with a weak laugh.

After that Mommy and I were just awkwardly waiting there for a while. I freaked out a little bit because I thought that I had heard the cries of Biscuit, which it might’ve been, but I’d like to think that it was some other dog. The next person to come in the the main doctor guy. He was nice, I liked him. He talked about how Biscuit was going to be just fine and in a few weeks he would be 100% back to normal. That made me feel great. Biscuit was going to be perfect in less than a month. Then he began to get into the details about how they were going to go under Biscuit’s layers of skin so they can insert the tubes that leak out pus and how the marks from the deer could have been fatal but we were lucky and how Biscuit had to take medicine and then again the layers of skin they had to go under and how they would have to insert the tubes and how it might be painful for Biscuit…

I was a goner after that. I remember feeling very woozy. I remember thinking to myself,

“Bella,you should probably leave the room Bella. You don’t feel good Bella. You feel dizzy Get out of this room!” I thought. But by then it was too late. I was out. But it didn’t go “all black.” I just felt as if I were in a dream. It felt like a regular dream and I remember dreaming something familiar. When I woke up I saw two very serious and concerned faces looking down at me…

This is a picture of Biscuit:



Question: Has anyone had a similar experience where their pet was hurt? What happened?


Final Feed Blog Post (Lit Circle and Reflection)

We had a really interesting literature circle today. I am not going to be able to make it to the literature circle on Thursday, as I am leaving for Costa Rica tomorrow night (Wednesday night) so I will just talk about the wonderful discussion that we had today. (Tuesday, February 10th.) We touched today on a variety of different aspects of the book.

We began by discussing how even now, after so much time, Violet still remains isolated from Titus and his friends. She is different than all of them, and there is nothing that can possibly change that will either make her similar to his seemingly uneducated and illiterate friends, or to make his friends more like her. We thought that this contrast between Violet and the rest of the society was really interesting.

We also discussed how we thought it was really sad how Titus completely shut Violet out after she started to have a lot of problems with her feed. I personally was upset by the fact that Violet had spent so much time planning a weekend getaway for her and Titus, yet Titus did not seem excited at all – in fact, he seemed to dread the idea of spending alone time with Violet. This made me very angry! To me, it seemed as if because Titus knew that Violet probably was not going to make it, he closed the section of his life that included her and acted as if she were already dead. Poor Violet just wanted to make the most of her last couple of weeks alive, and Titus did not really support her at all. Titus essentially tossed Violet off to the side once he was done with her – once he knew that she was going to die, she was useless to him and he did not care about her any more. In Titus’ defense, however, he may have just been overwhelmed by the whole situation, but I think that he still should have given Violet the time of day.

We also discussed another aspect of Titus’ recent switch in attitudes towards Violet – how he deleted all of her memories that she had sent him. Violet was losing her memories, and to solve this problem, she had sent a load of them to Titus, so that he would be able to store them for her and keep her memory alive. These were precious memories – of great times she’d had with her family, her mother father, times she’d had with Titus, all the memories of her life, etc. Without even opening them or listening to the memories, Titus deleted them. I never quite understood why he would make such an impulsive decision and throw away all of Violet’s precious memories from her life! Those memories are gone forever now. And there’s only Titus to blame.

I brought up the idea of how Titus only begins to realize the bad things in his world once Violet sort of exits the picture of his life. When they were together, Violet was always telling Titus about all these awful things that were going on in the world, how people’s skin were falling off, and how the atmosphere and nature was changing and disappearing, and more. However, Titus had seemed to just overlook all of those things – until Violet was gone. Now, it seems like he is noticing those things a lot more, he talked about how he could see his mother’s teeth through her mouth – she had lost that much skin off her lips. Gross!

I also added into the discussion how surprised I was that Titus went into mal. (Mal is sort of equivalent to taking drugs and getting high in their society.) It did not really seem like it was a very “Titusey” thing to do. Titus, for the most part, seemed as if he were a pretty stand up guy, and then when he asked his friends to go into mal, it really shocked and upset me. I thought he was better than that! Unfortunately, I was wrong. He must have just been upset about being away from Violet or something. I hope that he wouldn’t just want to go into mal for no reason at all. Or maybe he was just bored. Whatever the reason, it was a bad decision and I hope he does not make a similar one in the future.

Then, for the majority of the rest of the discussion, we got into the topic of lesions. I was the one who originally brought up the topic of the lesions. We all agreed that lesions were quite disgusting – none of us really fully understood the point of them, either. Basically, lesions are caused because the atmosphere (I’m pretty sure that’s what causes them) anyways the atmosphere is so awful, that it is making people’s skin fall off. This causes them to have cuts, or lesions. Another theory that we had was that the lesions were made from the feed, possibly because all the brain activity caused the cuts? Whatever the cause of the lesions, they basically look like open wounds in a person’s flesh. Titus and his friends love to watch this particular show on the feed, and when the main characters on the show also began to get lesions, the lesions suddenly became the cool, hip thing in fashion. The next thing we knew, all of the girls were going our and getting artificial lesions (it was sort of like plastic surgery!) to make themselves look more “attractive.” Apparently the lesions are seen as sexy or attractive because it allows people to “see inside of you.” This pretty much means being able to view one’s guts, blood, and veins, etc. That just sounds nasty to me! We talked about how it was quite sad that the people would be so willing to follow the trends, that they wouldn’t even spend a split second thinking about what they would do when this trend went out of style. They are so caught up with what’s new in fashion that they don’t stop and think about what they are really doing to their body, and how it will affect them in the future.

Quote from the book: (page 38)

“We enter a time of calamity. Blood on the tarmac. Fingers in the juicer. Towers of air frozen in the lunar wastes. Models dead on the runways, with their legs facing backward. Children with smiles that can’t be undone. Chicken shall rot in the aisles. See the pillars fall.”

The above quote was from pretty early on in the book, but I think that it really encapsulates the general themes and ideas in Feed. It shows just how corrupt the society is, and how the world is gradually falling downhill. They are entering a time of chaos, or calamity, and no one really knows how to stop it.

The only thing worse than the thought it may all come tumbling down is the thought that we may go on like this forever.” –Violet, Feed

Violet knew more than Titus and his friends, she can tell that the situation that their society is in is not necessarily a good one…

I have already finished the whole book, and I got to read the ending, (which was actually really sad!) That being said, it has been sort of tricky to have these discussions with my table group, as they have not yet finished the book. It is all about striking a good balance between staying on topic of the book, but also not revealing to much about what it to come in the future chapters. I don’t want to give anything away to anyone and spoil the book for them!

Feed Final Blog Post




When I read, I focused a lot on the dialect and the language. Titus and all of his friends, as well as all the people living in that time, talk in a very informal and somewhat uneducated way. By noticing this dialect, I was able to draw a lot of conclusions, especially concerning how the lack of words and education affected their society. When I look through my notes, I remember a lot of patterns that I had noticed before. I am able to think back to what I was thinking when I read a specific sentence and how I felt or what came to my mind when I learned something new and interesting about the book. I underlined words that I didn’t understand, and I wrote down what I thought the definitions of the words would be. There were a lot of new words in this book, such as null, unit, brag, etc. They used a lot of interesting slang! I also write down a bunch of notes about ideas that I had about certain characters such as expectations and predictions that I had for the future and further chapters in the book. I sometimes wrote on sticky notes and stuck them into my book, but most of the time, I just did a lot of underlining, direct notes in the book, and circling words, etc. I recognized places where there were themes or symbolism, and I wrote them down.

While reading Feed, I noticed that Titus’ English and language skills were continuously improving as the chapters went on. I had a theory that his language skills were going to improve, because I could tell and notice that there were some slight improvements and differences in his dialect each chapter. He had certain moments in which he spoke quite eloquently, and other moments when he sounded rather uneducated. It was really interesting to watch – Titus would switch in and out of being smart and then going back to seeming pretty stupid. The switches back and forth from educated language to uneducated really just gave a sad contrast to me. It was as if all of this hope and happiness was all unleashed when Titus began to be smart, and then all of the hope was snatched away when he would start to say “meg brag,” again. Here are some examples from the book that made me reflect on this.

These excerpts were both taken from the same page. In a mere few paragraphs, Titus’ dialect switched from absolutely stupid to pretty intelligent.

(Page 35)


I was like, “What?”

She chatted me, “This is a scene.”

I was like, “Don’t you dance?”

“Not really, Are these all college kids?”

“I bet most of them. Look at the guy in the, you know, that thing? The neck bat?

Bow tie.

Bow tie.”


Titus couldn’t even think for the word for bow tie, something so basic and simple. Yet he was not able to understand what it was! Later on, he eloquently described a man that he saw at the party. Though he still used some slang filler words, as a whole, he sounded a lot smarter in this excerpt than in the previous one.


He was maybe a hundred or so, dancing with the ripplechicks, a man in a dirty old tweed jacket, and he had this long white hair that looked kind of yellow, and his eyes were wide…


In this next excerpt, Titus’ dad is coming to comfort him and see how he is after his feed was “hacked,” which was a pretty traumatic experience for him. Titus’ dad, a supposedly educated and successful person, talks as if he is a 4 year old.


(Page 55)


“She’s like whoa, she’s like so stressed out. This is… Dude,” he said. “Dude this is some way bad shit.”


(Page 56)


He just kept shaking his head and going, “Yeah,” “Yeah,” “Yeah,” “Oh yeah,” “Yeah,” “Shit,” “Yeah.”


The last excerpt really just encapsulates how the people living in the time of the Feed are really uneducated and cannot even string simple sentences together. It disgusts me that the people in this time aren’t even able to communicate with each other and they don’t even have vocabularies expansive enough to either speak their mind nor say what they feel. This creates a society filled with pushover people who aren’t able to make any real contributions to the community. I believe that because of this, their world is completely messed up. The feeds have ruined culture and artistic expression. The feeds have ruined literature, writing, books, reading, and simple speech. If the feeds didn’t exist, none of this would’ve happened! The fact that Titus’ father is not even able to tell him that he feels badly for him, or that he hopes that he is okay, really makes me upset. All Titus’ dad is able to say it “Yeah,” and “Shit.” How awful is that? A parent should be someone that is able to comfort you, someone who should be able to be a role model and represent the person that you want to become. I think that the lack of intelligent dialogue is not only decreasing the productivity of the society, but it is also taking away the respect factor in terms of parents. Why would Titus look up to his father when his dad talks even worse than he does? I can’t imagine what it would be like to hear my parents only uttering swear words and “yeah” all the time. I learn so much from my parents, and I can’t even begin to think about how I would feel if my parents were not able to have intelligent and interesting conversations with me.

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